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Top Questions
Does every iTalkBB customer get a 1 year free Chinese TV?
Yes. Sign up for any iTalkBB product including Home Phone, Broadband and Sim, you will get 1 year free iTalkBB Chinese TV (value $275.88). No contract is required. No need to pay for any service fee or device fee. You only need to pay a $49.99 activation fee.
Is there any contract required?
No contract is required. You can cancel the service anytime and you won't be charged any cancellation fee.
How to install iTalkBB TV Box?
Connect the iTalkBB TV Box to the power with the power adaptor, and to your television with the HDMI cable. If you use wired connection, then connect one end of the internet cable to the "Internet" port of the iTalkBB TV Box and the other end to your Modem. If you use Wifi connection, then install the Wifi Antenna onto the iTalkBB TV Box. Turn on the TV Box and your television. Select "Quick Network Setup" and follow instructions on the screen.
Click here for details about installation.
My television doesn't have a HDMI port. What should I do?
No worries. You can still enjoy our Chinese TV with the composite AV cable. Take the composite AV cable from the installation kit and connect it to your TV.
How to configure the Internet settings?
For Wireless Connection:
When watching for the first time, turn on the iTalkBB TV Box and your TV and switch to the right input. And you will see a screen for Network Configuration. Please choose "Quick Wireless Connection", and you will see a list of wifi signals. Please choose the one for your home and enter your wifi password. After the password is verified, click "complete". If the internet indication light on the set top box turns green, the box is successfully connected to the internet. If you need to manually enter certain IP address or use certain WiFi signal, please click "Manually Configuration".
Wired Connection:
If you choose "wired connection", please enter password if there is any. And then, please click "Obtain IP address automatically". If the internet indication light on the set top box turns green, the box is successfully connected to the internet.
How to watch live channels?
Choose "Live TV" on the homepage with your remote control, and you can see sub-categories for the channels. Choose the sub-category you would like to watch and browse the detailed channel lineup. Click "ok" when you see the name of the channel you want to watch.
How many times can I redeem the "1 year free iTalkBB Chinese TV"offer?
Every iTalkBB product customer can get 2 iTalkBB Chinese TV services for 1 year free. You only need to pay a $49.99 activation fee for each service, and then you can get a year of iTalkBB Chinese TV service without any service fee, device fee or contract restrictions.
Do I need to pay any device charges for the iTalkBB TV Box?
There is not any device charge or device deposit. Besides the set-top box, the HDMI cable, wireless antenna and other devices in the installation kit are all free for you. When you want to terminate the service, you only need to send the devices back to us to avoid any additional charges.
What is the iTalkBB TV 699 Number?
The 699 Number is a number that matches your device and your account. It is shown on you TV Box.Click here for illustration.
Can I cancel the iTalkBB Chinese TV anytime?
In order to let you try our service with no worries, iTalkBB Chinese TV offers you a 30 days money back guarantee. Within 30 days of your purchase, you can cancel the service and get a full refund of the $49.99 activation fee hassle-free. After 30 days, since there is no contract for the service, you can cancel at any time with no additional charges.