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Download the App and get 100 mins free international calls.
Download the iTalkBB App free for iOS® and Android™ devices, and make international phone calls directly from your mobile phone at super-low rates.
You can make calls using Wi-Fi, 4G/3G, or mobile minutes whichever is the most convenient and cost-effective for you.While making calls, dial the destination number directly or use the address book. You'll never need to dial any access numbers, buy any phone cards, or remember any PINs.
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Wifi/3G/4G Call

The key feature of iTalkBB App is you can make Wifi/3G/4G calls to 28 countries with super low rates.
Mobile Minutes Call

Another feature of iTalkBB App is you can make mobile minutes call with best call quality.
Why choose iTalkBB APP?
Super low rates for calling to 28 countries and regions, saving your bill up to 70%!
Dial the destination number directly or use your address book, quick and easy!
Automatically select the fastest available server to ensure the best call quality.
Please call Madarin/Cantonese/English hotline: 1-800-482-552 or visit iTalkBB store
28 countries and regions