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Customer Instructions
Ways of purchase
1.Customer may activate the SIM card directly in our stores by our sales while getting the new SIM card.
2.Customer may call 7/24 customer service number 1800 248 255 and bring their documents to iTalkBB retail store to get and activate the SIM card.
Documents for SIM card activation
1.Birth Certificate/Citizenship Certificate/Passport/Australian Driving License.
2.Bank Statement within the last three months.
3.Water/Electricity/Gas/telephone bills or other government bills, or tax return form within the past year.
Special Services
1.Port in
It is compulsory for customers to fill in the port in form.
2.Number selection
Silver number: $88;Golden number: $168
3.Number replacement:
a.Replace for the normal number:$10
b.Replace for the silver number:$88
c.Replace for the golden number:$168
4.Card stolen or broken
Customers may call 7/24 customer service number 1800 248 255or go directly to our retail stores to get a new card via showing ID. iTalkBB will charge the new card fee $10.
5.Customers may go to to check the balance and billing information.
Please call 7/24 customer service line: 1800-248-255.