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Top Questions
Do I need Internet to use iTalkBB Home Phone?
Yes. iTalkBB Home Phone service is based on the Internet connection. You can use iTalkBB Home Phone in any Cable, DSL or Fiber Internet network.
Is it easy to install? Shall I arrange any onsite installation support?
iTalkBB Home Phone is very easy to install. It only takes 3 minutes to do it on your own.Click here for installation instructions.
You can also refer to the Installation Guide and illustrations within the installation kit we sent to you. For any more questions, please call our 24/7 customer service line 1-800-248-255 for assistance.
Can I transfer my existing phone number to iTalkBB?
We can transfer your existing phone number to your iTalkBB Home Phone for free. The number transfer process takes approximately 2-6 weeks. During the number transfer process, please DO NOT cancel your phone service with your current service provider. We provide you with a temporary number. After your number is successfully transferred to your iTalkBB Home Phone, the temporary number will cease to be effective.Click here for more details.
What is the 899 Number of iTalkBB Home Phone? What can I do with this number?
The 899 Number is your internal number of iTalkBB Home Phone. You can see this number on your iTalkBB Home Phone Adaptor.Click here for visual illustration. This number provides convenience to you in the following ways:
1. It is your User Name when you log in to your iTalkBB account. After you log in, you can manage your account, add a service or change plans, check your bills, calling history, refer a friend or manage your reward credits through your online account.[Click here].
2. iTalkBB Home Phone provides free In-Network Calling. Call any iTalkBB Home Phone customer directly at his/her 899 Number and enjoy unlimited talk for free.
3. Refer friends and family to iTalkBB, get reward points and special gifts. When your referee is signing up for our service, he/she can enter your 899 Number or tell our sales representative your 899 Number. The referral relationship will be then established.Click here for more details about our current referral rewards.
How to get iTalkBB international mobile calling service?
As long as you are an iTalkBB Home Phone user, you can use iTalkBB international mobile calling service for free or at very low rate. You may associate up to 2 mobile phones with this service and share your home phone calling rates.
To use iTalkBB international mobile calling, you need to associate your mobile number first. If you haven't done this, pleaseclick here to log in your account, click the "Add-ons" on the top menu bar and go to the "iTalkFreedom" page to set up. You may also call our 24/7 customer service line 1-800-248-255 for assistance.
How can I get the "China Local Number 950"?
After signing up for the service, your 950 Number will be sent to your email. You can alsolog in to your account to check the number under "Setting>Account Information", or call our 24/7 customer service line 1-800-248-255 to activate the service. Your friends and family in China can dial this number to reach directly.
If I'm away from home, can I install the iTalkBB Home Phone Adaptor somewhere else to make and receive calls?
Yes. Your iTalkBB Home Phone comes with the "Travel-with-iTalkBB" feature. You can take the iTalkBB Home Phone Adaptor with you anywhere in the world. Once you connect it to the internet, you can make or receive phone calls as you can at home. Same way to install, same phone number and same rates as using it at home.

How can I view my bill?
Click here to log in to your account (Don't know how?Click here for instructions). View your bills at "Bill & Payment" on the top menu bar.
How can I refer a friend to iTalkBB Home Phone service?
Get free phone service while referring friends to iTalkBB.Click here to enter the email address of the friend you want to refer. We will send an introductory email about our home phone service and a special offer to your referee. If your referee signs up through this email, or enter your 899 Number (What is 899 Number? ) through online signup, or tell our sales representative your 899 Number, the referral relationship will be then established. You will get reward points, accordingly.