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Reward Program
How can I refer a friend to iTalkBB Home Phone service?
Get free phone service while referring friends to iTalkBB.Click hereto enter the email address of the friend you want to refer. We will send an introductory email about our home phone service and a special offer to your referee. If your referee signs up through this email, or enter your 899 Number (What is 899 Number?) through online signup, or tell our sales representative your 899 Number, the referral relationship will be then established. You will get reward points, accordingly.
How do I benefit from referring others to iTalkBB?
You can help your friends/family to save money on phone bill as well as yourself. iTalkBB provides customers with free in-network calling service. You can call your friends and family unlimited for free if they are also iTalkBB Home Phone customers. Besides these, iTalkBB Home Phone has a great referral program. For every friend that you refer, you get reward points redeemable for credits for your phone home bills.Click here for the latest referral promotion, or call 1-800-248-255 for more details.
What are the rules for the referral program?
Click herefor more details.
When will I see the reward points in my account after I refer a friend to iTalkBB?
Three months after one referral cycle (two months).
How to redeem my credits?
Click here to log in your account. Go to the "Rewards" tab on the top menu bar, click "Reward Management" page, and then you can redeem your service credits.
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