About iTalkBB
iTalkBB Australia Pty.Ltd was founded in June 2009.It is one of the core subsidiaries of iTalk Global Communications, Inc. iTalk Global Communications, Inc. is a leader in the international telecommunications industry. We are pioneers in the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) revolution. Today, we rank in the Top 5 VoIP companies in North America. Our brand name, iTalkBB, is known to hundreds of thousands of Asians. We dominate in the Chinese communities in the United States and Canada.
iTalkBB Australia Pty.Ltd provides iTalkBB Home Phone, iTalkBB Broadband, iTalkBB Sim and iTalkBB Chinese TV for Chinese community in Australia. Being dedicated to the market for several years, iTalkBB products have gained popularity in this community.
Products and Services
iTalkBB's residential VoIP service is powered by iTalk Global's state-of-the-art international network and technology. With this power, iTalkBB provides reliable high-quality local, long distance, and international internet calling at superbly competitive rates. It's revolutionary local number service assigns its customer's phone a local number from mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan or South Korea, allowing customers' friends and family call them directly by this number without any international calling charge.
iTalkBB Broadband gives customers the most comfortable internet experience with unlimited data. iTalkBB Sim is specially customized mobile service and with its iTalkBB freedom feature, customers can make international calls only at local rates.
iTalkBB HD Chinese IPTV has been a market hit since its grand launch. It provides popular live Chinese channels in high definition quality and thousands of latest and classic movies, TV shows and programs on demand for free.
Social Responsibility
iTalkBB has always committed to philanthropy at the same time while promoting products and services. In Australia, iTalkBB has committed to community work such as Chinese Writers Festival, community multicultural arts event, Miss Chinese Pageant and so on. In 2013, iTalkBB held "Champion quality, for your witness. Olympian Leisheng-iTalkBB customer appreciation meeting" and more than 100 customers participated in the event and also, it had a huge media exposure. iTalkBB has experienced in charity event planning and execution such as free hotline-free calling to disastrous area in several earthquakes in China. With quick response and great focus, it has attracted lots of societal attention.