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International Mobile Calling
What is iTalkBB international mobile calling service?
It is a value-added service provided by iTalkBB. It can replace any traditional phone cards or any other international mobile calling service you currently use, and greatly reduce your mobile calling spending. With this service, you can call globally from your cell phone with a very low rate and even for free.
How to get iTalkBB international mobile calling service?
As long as you are an iTalkBB Home Phone user, you can use iTalkBB international mobile calling service for free or at very low rate. You may associate up to 2 mobile phones with this service and enjoy the same low international rates as your iTalkBB Home Phone calling plan .For more details, please call our 24/7 customer service line 1-800-248-255.
To use iTalkBB international mobile calling, you need to associate your mobile number first. If you haven't done this, please click here to log in your account, click the "Add-ons" on the top menu bar and go to the "iTalkFreedom" page to set up. You may also call our 24/7 customer service line 1-800-248-255 for assistance.
How can I change the mobile number that I associated with iTalkBB international mobile calling service?
You can do it anytime you want.Click here to log in to your iTalkBB account, click the "Add-ons" on the top menu bar, go to the "iTalkFreedom" page, and then you can add, change or delete the cell phone number you associated with this feature.
What is the rate for international mobile calling?
It's the same as your iTalkBB Home Phone plan, no additional charge. Please note that incoming calls on your mobile will charge $0.19/min in your home phone account.
How to make international calls after I associated my number?
• Dial access number:【02-8014-9595 or 03-9008-6444 or 08-7070-6244 or 07-3188-8044】.
• Press 【SEND】.
• After the call is connected, select 【1】 for English or 【2】 for Chinese.
• Then, you are ready to make calls with these instructions:
  √ International Calls: 0011 + Country Code + Area Code + Phone Number + # (e.g. 0011-86-10-8429-1008 #)
  √ Calls to Australia PSTN: Area Code + Phone Number + # (e.g. 03-9008-6456 #)
  √ Calls to Australia mobile, 13, 1300 or 1800 numbers: just dial the number + # (e.g. 1800 248 255 #)
Please note: to reduce your waiting time, please dial # after the phone number to confirm it.
• Your call will be connected in about 5 to 10 seconds.
NOTE: Do not press 【SEND】 again after you have entered the international number, just wait for the receiving end to be connected, it may take up to 5-10 seconds.