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The checklist is provided for our customers to perform some basic troubleshooting. If the issue you are experiencing is not listed, or the problem persists after completing these steps, please call our 24/7 customer service line 1-800-248-255 for assistance.
Problems with image or sound
No image
1. Check the TV cable connection and internet connection. Please use either the HDMI cable or the Composite AV cable, but not both.
2. Check if the TV Box is on. If the TV Box is correctly turned on, the power indicator light should be green.
3. Use your TV remote control, press "Input" or "Source" button and see if you have selected the proper video input channel.
Only video on but no sound
If you have no sound but only video on after correctly installing the TV Box, then check the followings:
1.If you are using the composite AV cable, make sure the three ends are plugged in to the ports in the same color.
2.Make sure the volume on your TV Box is turned up to the maximum and isn't muted.
3.Make sure the volume on the TV is turned up to the maximum and is in the video mode.
4.To check if the red and white cables are faulty, you may use a different device (i.e. DVD player) to connect with the composite AV cable for testing.
Color issue
Use your remote control to change your TV mode to NTSC mode. When it's under PAL mode, it may cause black/white color issue. Refer to your TV user guide for more details.
Screen freezes while watching
If screen freezes with no sound while watching, please check the followings:
1.Select another TV program to try. If the problem is solved, try back the previous program you watched again.
2.If you can't exit the TV program, shut off the TV Box. Wait for 10 seconds and restart it.
3.If the problem persists, please check your internet connection.
Interruption while watching
1.It's usually caused by low internet speed. You may exit the TV program, wait for a few minutes and play again.
2.If the problem persists, your network may not be functioning properly. Go to "My iTalkBB"to reset the network settings.
Remote control doesn't work
1.Make sure the remote control is used within the range of transmission (5 meters in all directions). Aim it towards the TV Box, but not the television.
2.Check if batteries are correctly installed.
3.Check if all buttons on the remote function properly.
Network Problems
Only showing the homepage, but cannot play any TV program
Make sure the signal icon on the top right of the homepage is green. If a red cross is shown, it means the TV Box has not been connected successfully to the internet.
Go to the homepage, then "Network Settings" under "My iTalkBB" to configure the internet connection and try again. If the problem persists, please call our 24/7 customer service line 1-800-248-255 for assistance.
Error message: "Internet connection failed" or "Internet connection disconnected"
1.Check your internet is functioning properly. You may test it by opening a web page from your computer.
2.Make sure there are no loose connections at the TV Box or the Wifi Antenna.
3.Make sure the TV Box is connected to the internet correctly. If possible, try again with a different internet cable.
Cannot find the Wifi signal of your home
1.Make sure if you set your Wifi to the "hidden" mode. If so, please select "Manually Network Setup", then enter the name of your Wifi network.
2.If the name of your Wifi contains special characters or symbols, please change its name and try again.