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iTalkBB Chinese TV Installation Guide
Step 1: Connect your TV (HDMI cable is recommended for high resolution viewing experience)
For HD Television
   Connect one end of the HDMI cable to the iTalkBB TV Box and the other end to the HDMI port on your television.
For Traditional Television
   If your television does not have a HDMI port, connect the iTalkBB TV Box and your television with the composite AV
   cable following the three different colors.
Step 2: Connect to the Internet
Wireless Connection
   Install the Wifi Antenna onto the iTalkBB TV Box.
Wired Connection
   Connect one end of the internet cable to the "Internet" port of the iTalkBB TV Box and the other end to your
Step 3: Connect to power
   Connect the iTalkBB TV Box to the power with the power adaptor.
Step 4: Configure network settings
Wireless Connection
   Turn on the TV Box and your television. Select "Quick Network Setup" and follow instructions on the screen.
Wired Connection
   After correctly connecting the TV Box to your television and the Internet, turn on the TV Box and your television
   and start watching.
Manually Network Setup: Select this method if you need to manually enter the name of your network, IP address and DNS.