Still struggling to find high quality video resource online? Still suffering from endless buffering? There is an easy way to enjoy HD Chinese TV programs. iTalkBB Chinese TV have more than 30000 hours of best Chinese entertainment on demand for free, including hit movies, TV shows, varieties, educational shows and etc. You can choose whatever you like anytime by a simple click.
Up to 1080p HD Picture Quality
iTalkBB uses the most advanced digital image transmission technique and is equipped with HDMI cable. 1080p may be a luxury somewhere else. At iTalkBB, it's a standard.
72 hour automatic DVR
We know that time difference is a problem. That's why besides offering live television, we also provide free 72 hour automatic DVR for all of the live channels. With this feature, you will never miss any minute of your favorite shows. Watch them at your own time zone.
Track your watching progress
iTalkBB helps you remembering what you watched and how much time you have watched. iTalkBB can record your watching history and progress. You can start to watch a program where you stopped last time. It's so easy and convenient.
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