[Canada] New iTalkBB Store Open at First Markham Place, Toronto
  iTalkBB, the top 1 telecommunication brand in North America Chinese market, announced a new store opening at First Markham Place Toronto after its stores in Vancouver received great reviews and acclamations. The new store will be open on June 19th at First Markham Place.

  As the first iTalkBB store in Toronto, the Markham Place Store will provide comprehensive service to customers, helping them find best telecommunication solutions for their homes. Customers can consult our sales specialist about how to save money on home phones, and make free phone calls to international destination with iTalkBB phone service.

  The grand opening ceremony will begin at 2:00pm on June 19th. There will be plenty of interesting activities, including children dance show, basketball games and small concert. Every attendee can take home exquisite gifts. You can get exclusive deals if you sign up on site.

  For more details, please call our 24 hour hotline:604-998-6680, or visit www.iTalkBB.ca.
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