You can have a Taiwan Local Number in the US and Canada now!
  Thank you for supporting iTalkBB, we will start to provide the Taiwan Local Number feature in the US and Canada on August 15th, 2008 for advancing your convenience of communication.
  Regardless of any plan you've subscribed previously, you can receive unlimited incoming calls from Taiwan for free with the new Taiwan Local Number service, you just need to pay additional $4.99 surcharge every month ( no $14.99 activation fee temporally) . Your friends and family in Taiwan can dial your Taiwan Local Number from their home phone or cell phone to reach you anytime in the US without paying international long distance charge. Calls placed outside of Taipei will have a long distance charge, but no international long distance charge.
  Friends or clients from anywhere around the world can reach you through the Taiwan Local Number . You can even create an image of having a Taiwan branch by utilizing the Taiwan Local Number .
  To thank you for your support, we are waiving the $14.99 activation fee for Taiwan Number before 2010-3-15.
  Try it now!
  1、Just log in your personal account at, then click [activate] Taiwan Local Number feature to enable this feature.
  2、You can also get help from our Customer Service Representatives by calling 1-877-482-5503.
  Taiwan Local Number will be activated in 24 hours after setting up.
  For more information, please click here.
  Taiwan Phone Number is different with Taiwan Local Number: It is available to all iTalkBB customers for FREE. Your family and friends in Taiwan can simply call your Taiwan phone number from any landline or cell phone to reach you in the United States. The caller in Taiwan will not incur any long distance or international charges, it's just like making a local call to them.
  Please log in your personal account for details.
  Thank you for your consideration.
  About iTalkBB
  iTalkBB offers the smart alternative solution for your telephone needs. iTalk Global Communications, a pioneer in the VoIP revolution and a leader in  the international telecommunications industry. iTalkBB provides high quality Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service at very competitive prices.  Customers replace their traditional phone company service with iTalkBB's state-of-the-art technology using their broadband connection. Enjoy a menu of  calling plans tailored for residential or business usage. Advance features such as call waiting, three-way calling, caller ID, call forwarding and more are  included in your plans at no extra charge. iTalkBB offers some of the most competitive international rates. iTalkBB offers their customers an exclusive  feature; a free China and Taiwan telephone number. Friends and family in China or Taiwan dial your China or Taiwan number to reach you directly in the  USA or Canada, without incurring local or international long distance charges. This service is unparallel in the industry. Hong Kong, and Korea numbers are  available for a nominal monthly fee. Get 24-hour customer sales and support at 1-877-482-5522 and on the web. See detailed information on the  company website
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