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Frequently asked questions regarding iTalkBB service:
if my iTalkBB adaptor is off, can I still use BB Mobile phone ?
Yes. You can. BB Mobile is a separate service from iTalkBB Homeline.
If my son is making phone call with iTalkBB Home Line, can I still make calls with BB Mobile ?
Yes . You can.
If I sign up Free BB Mobile offer, how long will the BB mobile be FREE ?
You will enjoy the FREE BB Mobile with sign up of iTalkBB Global plan.
Do I need to have a broadband connection to use BB mobile ?
No, You do not need to do so. BB Mobile is a separate service from iTalkBB Home Line.
Is there any precondition to use your MOBO service?
No condition required. Anyone with a Singapore mobile line or fixed line can sign up our MOBO service.
To use MOBO service, do I need to buy a new SIM card, a new phone unit, or change my current phone number?
NIn order to use MOBO service, you do not need to buy a new SIM card or phone set. Neither will you need to change your current phone number!
What's this China 950 number?
China 950 Number is a 11-digit virtual number assigned to your local Singapore line. Once you informed your loved ones with this new China 950 number, they can call you directly without paying any long-distance phone charges! For example, you mother can call your China 950 number from Beijing. All she paid is only local Beijing city call!
If I travel to China, can I use this China 950 number at China? Will I get a China SIM card containing my China 950 number?
This China 950 number is a virtual number provided to you so that your China friends can contact you easily while you are in Singapore. Therefore, you will not get any China SIM card containing this China 950 number.