iTalkBB - New Services, New Freedom, New Choice!
iTalkBB Singapore is a subsidiary of iTalk Global Communications, Inc. located in Virginia, USA. We have been a pioneer leading the VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) revolution in the international telecommunications industry.
iTalkBB Singapore's IP telephony service is powered by iTalk Global's own state of the art international network and cutting-edge technologies. As one of the top 5 IP Telephone service providers in North America, in the past 10 years, iTalk Global has been providing several hundred thousand residential and business customers with consistent, clear, high quality communication services at a fraction of their previous telephone bills. Through our own marketing network and cooperation with other telecom operators, millions of customers have been trusting iTalkBB and enjoying our quality phone services all over the world. 
Now iTalkBB has come to Singapore with our unique, innovative services and features! Be it for residential or Business usage, iTalkBB will always has a service fit for you. We are the first and only one in Singapore to provide you with local and global unlimited calling plans at a fixed nominal monthly fee. Now you can enjoy peace of mind knowing how much your next phone bill will be without worrying how many minutes you have talked. And of course, all value-added features such as caller-ID, call forwarding etc. are absolutely FREE for all our customers! 
Maybe you are a frequent traveler or a businessman with global contacts, maybe you have your friends or family members at other countries, maybe you just love to talk to your loved ones, iTalkBB phone service is your very best choice. You get to choose whether or not to have a contract, and you can even get a telephone number from China, Taiwan, USA, Canada, Hong Kong, or South Korea. So your friends, families, suppliers, or customers at these countries can reach you easily without paying any international long-distance charge! Our international rates are consistently lower than our competitors and in fact, lower than international phone cards. 
At iTalkBB, we believe in sharing happiness and sharing success. So with our referral and affiliate programs, you may share your pleasant iTalkBB experiences with friends and families and get rewarded. Or you may even consider signing up as our agent and on the way to build your own business with us. Contact us for full details at