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Frequently asked questions regarding iTalkBB service:
if my iTalkBB adaptor is off, can I still use BB Mobile phone ?
Yes. You can. BB Mobile is a separate service from iTalkBB Homeline.
If my son is making phone call with iTalkBB Home Line, can I still make calls with BB Mobile ?
Yes . You can.
If I sign up Free BB Mobile offer, how long will the BB mobile be FREE ?
You will enjoy the FREE BB Mobile with sign up of iTalkBB Global plan.
Do I need to have a broadband connection to use BB mobile ?
No, You do not need to do so. BB Mobile is a separate service from iTalkBB Home Line.
Where can I buy BB mobile ?
If you sign up iTalkBB Global Plan, BB Mobile will be automatically given FREE. There is no need to sign up or purchase BB Mobile again. Simply log into your own account via "Customer login" and activate your BB Mobile service there.
What is the advantages of BB Mobile ?
With BB Mobile, You can have the freedom of making global calls when you are on a go. You are no longer tied to a landline phone.
It is an absolutely advantages for those who is always on a move.
I do not want to subscribe iTalkBB Global, but I want to subscribe BB Mobile , can I do that ?
We are sorry to let you know that at this point of time, we are not able to allow customer to signup for BB Mobile only. This service is applicable to iTalkBB Global Plan. Please subscribe to our newsletter, we will inform our customer when the service is available for sign up.
Will I still be charges on my mobile phone if I use BB mobile to make call ?
There are two method of calling using BB mobile. One is Direct Calling while another one is Call Back Method.
Using Direct Calling, you might incur airtime charges depending on your mobile plan with your service provider. While using the call back method, as long as you have Free incoming calls in your phone, it will be totally FREE for you.