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From USA to Canada, Singapore, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, iTalkBB has been the top choice for many people when it comes to IDD calling service providers. Now, you can also enjoy great conveniences and good quality of IP telephony service brought to you by iTalkBB MOBO!
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MOBO Service Summary
MOBO Service is an IDD calling service customer tailored for anyone in Singapore to call overseas countries including China, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, USA, Canada, Australia etc. Some customers also use its speed callback method to save from their hefty local mobile calling bills.
MOBO Service Summary
No matter you are using a fixed line or mobile line, regardless of your current phone service provider including SingTel, StarHub, and M1, you can easily register with us and start using our innovative MOBO calling service instantly! Of course, there's no need to change your SIM card.
MOBO service customer will also get a FREE 950 China Number. By calling this China Number, your friends or relatives in China can reach you easily without being charged for any domestic long-distance fee or IDD charges! It'll be local call for anyone in China to call your China Number, as if you were living at the same city as they do!
How about calling my friends and relatives in other countries outside Singapore? Sure, no worries, it'll be super convenient with iTalkBB MOBO service too. MOBO will assign local Singapore numbers for your family, friends, and relatives in other countries! Therefore, every time you want to call them, simply dial their "Singapore Number" and MOBO will connect to your loved ones immediately as if they were living in Singapore too!
Besides China Number, we also provide USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Australia phone numbers too. Come and check it out how MOBO can bring you closer with your loved ones!
MOBO Service Features
China Local Number 950

Now my phone has two numbers! When my friends in China want to call me, they no longer need to pay for the high IDD charges. Simply dial my China 950 number and pay only local call. It's so amazingly convenient and save us a lot on phone bill now!
iTalkBB App

Having a lot of overseas contacts?
Too much to assign Singapore Number for each of them?
No problem, we have designed FREE iTalkBB APP for you to download from Apple App Store (iOS version) or Google Play (Android version). With our smart app, you can easily convert any IDD call to be a local call immediately! Of course, our App supports Callback method too.
Much better than phone cards
Much better than phone cards
With MOBO service, you will get:
No connection fee, no monthly fee, no contract needed;
Top up never expires, why add a worry of expiry in life?
Crystal clear call quality, good service with good price;
Check your call records anytime you like, say good-bye to "mysterious deductions";
Our stores and hotlines are here to server you with real customer services: when you are happy, we are happy too!