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Sign Up and Activation
How do I Sign Up for iTalkBB's service?
It is very simple. Just visit our website at and click on the Sign Up tab, then follow each step to complete the sign up process. Details of our service plans are provided online for you to choose from. You may also get help from our customer service representatives in choosing a service plan that will fit your needs. Our toll free customer service number is 3156-8000 .
Does iTalkBB charge delivery and installation fee?
When you sign up for our service, we do charge an onetime delivery and installation fee of $50.
When do I receive my Installation Kit?
You can pick up yourself at our office or make an appointment so that we can delivery for you.
Is it easy to install the BB Box?
It is as easy as hooking up a router to your computer. It usually takes 3 minutes to install. A step by step installation guide with diagram is included in your installation kit. If you have questions during installation, please check FAQ section online, send us email, or contact our customer service department.
After installation, can I start to use my phone immediately?
After successful installation, you are able to make outgoing calls. It will take up to 24 hours for you to receive incoming calls.
How do I find my local telephone number?
To find your local telephone number, simply log in your account management page by using your iTalkBB number as Username and your password.
What is iTalkBB number and how do I use iTalkBB number?
iTalkBB Number is an in-network number, it can be used when:you log in your account. iTalkBB Number is your Username
What is my username and password to sign-in my account?
After your account has been established, your Username is your 10 digit iTalkBB Number, which can be found on your BB Box. This iTalkBB Number is your permanent Username. Your password is set up during the Sign Up process. You may change it on your account management page at any time.