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Basic features and how to use
How do I make calls?
Making calls is the same as before. For calls to Singapore number, directly dial the phone number (i.e 6123-6888 or 8123 5678). And for international calls, dial 0 + * + Country Code + Phone Number (i.e. 0*86 10 8888 8888).
How do I answer calls?
Same way as you would answer your traditional calls; just pick up the hand set.
How is iTalkBB's voice quality compared to traditional phone services?
Our voice quality is the same as traditional phone service, as long as your internet connection is stable.
Is it safe to use iTalkBB's IP phone?
Yes, even safer than traditional phone service. Conversations through an IP phone can not be easily tapped.
When making international calls using iTalkBB's service, do I have to enter a pin number like when using calling cards?
No. For international calls, just dial0 + * + Country Code + Phone Number (i.e. 0*86 10 8888 8888). With iTalkBB's calling plans you can always enjoy super low international rates.
Can I use the computer and talk on the phone at the same time?
Yes. Our phone service will not affect the use of your computer.
Do calls go through my computer?
No. Our phone service does not go through your computer.
Can I change my service plan at any time?
Yes, you may change your service plan at any time.
 To change your plan, you just need to terminate the one you have now and register with the new plan. It is simple cos we have no contract attach.
Can I use iTalkBB's service when I am traveling?
Yes. You may use iTalkBB's service wherever high speed Internet is available. You can receive and make phone calls as you would at home.
Do I have to maintain my current phone service in order to use iTalkBB's service?
No. iTalkBB's phone service will replace your current phone service. You may cancel your current service when your BB account is active. You may choose to use the new number that BB has assigned to you or keep your existing number. If you are a DSL user, you may not be able to cancel your current phone service because the phone company may not allow you to keep their DSL service without their phone service. However, you can downgrade your plan to the lowest (normally $10-$15 a month) and sign up for our unlimited plan. That way you can keep your current number, DSL, have 2 lines and save on domestic and international calls.