The Largest 4G LTE
Cell Network in the U.S.

Enjoy a faster and more reliable network on iTalkBB Mobile

In the U.S., iTalkBB's mobile network covers the vast majority of the country. You can enjoy iTalkBB Mobile's services without any concern of signal dropping or call interruptions.

In China, iTalkBB's mobile network covers up to 99% of the populated area, which makes it convenient for your travels as well.

How to Search for the Cell Coverage in Your Area?

> Type your address and zip code into the search box or double-click any position on the map.

> Click "My Places" in the upper right corner of the map to see the cell coverage in multiple locations.

> The locations highlighted in deep green have the best coverage. Locations in grey are covered by our 2G network or partner networks.

What is 4G LTE Data?

4G represents the fourth generation of mobile communication technologies. Compared to previous 3G networks, 4G networks have a higher data throughput and lower latency, which provides users with a faster and more reliable speed to better meet their needs. Whether you're streaming videos online, listening to music, using GPS navigation, sending and receiving WeChat messages, or checking your email, iTalkBB's nationwide 4G LTE network provides a faster and smoother experience.