Brooklyn Nets Players-Jeremy Lin, Jarret Allen and Caris LeVert visited iTalkBB New York Flagship store on Mid-autumn festival


iTalkBB has been partnered with Brooklyn Nets for two years. On October 4th, also a Chinese traditional holiday-mid autumn festival, Nets top players- Jeremy Lin, Jarrett Allen and Caris LeVert visited iTalkBB’s NY Flagship store, met and greeted its customers and audience.

Victoria Lei, executive Vice President of iTalkBB, presented lanterns and mooncakes which are traditional gifts on the moon festival to Nets players. The traditional Chinese gifts from Victoria interested them exceedingly.

Jeremy Lin in the iTalkBB Flagship store

Jarrett Allen and Caris LeVert in the iTalkBB

Jeremy Lin and Victoria Lei

Jarrett Allen and Caris LeVert with Victoria Lei

Jeremy Lin, Jarrett Allen, and Caris LeVert were signing autographs for fans.

The three players then went out of store, met and greeted all the fans in the mall, signed some autographs and took some pictures. The crowd were very excited for their appearance.

The Nets players were glad to meet such an excited crowd, and to take photos with fans

Jeremy Lin with iTalkBB’s 10-year loyal customers

Jeremy Lin with one of the winners of iTalkBB & Brooklyn Nets Scholarship and his family

Jeremy Lin with iTalkBB college ambassadors

iTalkBB college ambassadors

“iTalkBB always recognizes the spirit it shares with sports in other partnerships. For example, in 2008, iTalkBB partnered with Yao Ming Foundation, and in 2012, iTalkBB brought on Leisheng, the 2012 Summer Olympic Men’s Individual Foil Fencing champion as our brand ambassador. It’s the second year that we partnered with Brooklyn Nets. We invited nets top players such as Jeremy, Jarrett and Caris to visit our store on this specific day. iTalkBB has been committed to provide better lives for Overseas Chinese. Through this partnership, iTalkBB and Brooklyn Nets will enhance fan experience with even more exciting events.” Victoria said.

Partnership with Brooklyn Nets

In 2016, iTalkBB, the premier provider of internet telecom service to Chinese and Koreans overseas across the world, announced a partnership with the Brooklyn Nets.

iTalkBB has always valued perseverance-a core spirit in sports. From its initial founding in 2003, iTalkBB has been devoted to providing better telecommunication products and services to improve the lives of Overseas Chinese. This partnership aims to improve the Chinese influence of mainstream society. At meantime, it encourages more Chinese overseas to pay more attention to sports and its impact to Asian youth. After all, sport is an effective channel for Chinese overseas integrate mainstream society in the US.

iTalkBB will have more exciting events for its customers while partnering with Brooklyn Nets, and more importantly, with its new mobile products launch, iTalkBB will work with Chinese overseas towards even more amazing lives.

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