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FTTN Internet
How long does it take to activate service?
It takes minimum of 7 business days and sometime as long as 15 days, to activate the service after payment has been received.
Do I have to be a Bell telephone customer to use your FTTN service?
No. Our service can be activated on most analog phone services. We will assign each non-Bell telephone customer an exclusive Dry-Loop number for FTTN service.
Do I need to pay the Dry-Loop fee?
No, you don't have to pay the dry-loop fee with our FTTN service.
Do I need to be home on the day of activation of my new service?
Yes, this avoids unnecessary delays.
Can I use my own modem since I register iTalkBB High Speed FTTN service?
Sorry, you have to use iTalkBB High Speed FTTN modem for the service; we have two options for you select, please see our plans details