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Top Questions
What does 30 days money back guarantee mean?
If you're not satisfied with our service, you can cancel the service within 30 days of activation. We will offer you a complete refund, but the activation fee and shipping fee are not refundable.
Do I have to cancel my current Internet provider, or do you take care of that?
You have to call your current service provider to cancel the service. We recommend you cancel your current Internet service "AFTER" our service is active, this will ensure you never lost Internet access.
Are there any iTalkBB High Speed Internet offers for small businesses?
We are sorry. We don’t provide small business plan for high speed internet so far.
Is the monthly bill going to be mailed to me?
Your monthly bill is available online; you can visit , and log in by using the user name and password which is in our welcome email.
What is the cancellation policy?
To cancel iTalkBB High Speed Internet, please call customer service hotline at 1-877-482-5503. Cancellation within contract period will be charged Early Termination Fee in the amount of $99 and the remaining installment payment of the Service Modem, plus the sum of all waived or promotional signup discount.
If I cancel iTalkBB High Speed Internet, do I return the Modem?
If you purchased the modem, it is your property; therefore, should you decide to disconnect your service in the future, it is yours to keep. However, if you rent your modem from iTalkBB High Speed, you must return it with the original pack within 15 days of termination.
Can iTalkBB High Speed repair or exchange a purchase modem if needed?
The original modem must be purchased from iTalkBB High Speed; Replacement modems provided as part of the exchange will be new or reconditioned and equal in performance to the original modem. If such replacement modem fails to perform as warranted by the applicable modem manufacturer during the remaining initial one year period referred to above, ITalkBB High Speed will further repair or exchange any such replacement modem.