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Calling Features and Quality
How to use iTalkBB Home Phone to make phone calls?
Same as you dial on a traditional home phone. You just need lift the phone handset and dial the number you wish to call.
1. For calls within Canada & US: Dial 1 + Area Code + Phone Number (i.e. 1-202-888-8888)
2. For international calls: Dial 011 + Country Code + Phone Number (i.e. 011-86-10-88888888)
3. For iTalkBB to iTalkBB calling: Call other iTalkBB Home Phone customers at their 899 Number for FREE. (What is 899 number?)
4. For fax to US and Canada: Dial [#] + 1 + fax number. (i.e. #+1+888-888-8888)
Do I need to dial 1 before I dial a local number?
No. You don't need to dial 1. Just dial the phone number with area code.
How is iTalkBB's voice quality compared to traditional phone services?
Our voice quality is the same as traditional phone service, as long as your internet connection is stable.
What should I do when the calling quality is bad?
There are many reasons that can cause bad voice quality. click here here for more help from Troubleshooting. If the problem persists, please call our 24/7 customer service line 1-877-482-5503 for assistance.
Is it safe to use iTalkBB Home Phone?
Yes, even safer than traditional phone service. Conversations through a VoIP phone cannot be easily tapped.
Can I use the computer and talk on the phone at the same time?
Yes. Our phone service will not affect your computer use at all.
When I was travelling, can I install the Phone Box somewhere else to make and receive calls?
Yes. Your iTalkBB Home Phone comes with the "Travel-with-iTalkBB" feature. You can take the iTalkBB Home Phone Adaptor with you anywhere in the world. Once you connect it to the internet, you can make or receive phone calls as you can at home. Same way to install, same phone number and same rates as using it at home.
After I get the iTalkBB Home Phone, do I still need to buy international long distance calling cards?
No. You can make international long distance calls with your iTalkBB Home Phone at a super low rate. (Click here) to check long distance calling rates.
iTalkBB also provides International Mobile Calling which allows you to make international calls from your mobile for free or at a super low rate. You save big from no longer spending lots of money on long distance calling cards. Click here for more details.