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Number Transfer
Number Transfer Step by Step Introduction
iTalkBB offers free number transfer service, helping you keep your existing number.
Fill out the Letter of Authorization
Upload the first page of your recent phone bill from the service provider of your existing phone number to your iTalkBB online account, email it to or fax it to 1-800-872-2059.
Click here to view a sample bill
If you already started the process, please click here to check your number transfer status.
Please Note:
1. The bill you submit should include your account name, address and phone number you wish to transfer. All information should be consistent with the information provided on the Letter of Authorization form.
2. The name and address you provided for number transfer must be exactly the same as what you provided to your service provider, which is the Service Address of your number. If you are not sure about the address, please contact your service provider for the CSR (Customer Service Record) of the number you wish to transfer. Your number transfer may be delayed or even rejected if the information you provided is incorrect.
3. During the number transfer process, please DO NOT cancel your phone service with your current service provider, or your number may be lost resulted in unsuccessful number transfer.
4. After your number has been successfully transferred to iTalkBB, your previous phone service will be automatically cancelled. You don't need to cancel the service yourself. However, we suggest you should confirm the service cancellation with your previous phone company.
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