iTalkBB Home Phone

A Cost-effective home phone service, excellent value for your money!
A+ professional customer service

Unlimited worldwide calling to 29 international destinations

Make calls from China to Canada without roaming charge

Free incoming calls

iTalkBB mobile App: you can make global calls on your mobile


iTalkBB China SIM

China SIM for overseas Chinese
Access to both Canadian and Chinese calls through one mobile device

In Canada

In China

• Permanent China SIM • Call forwarding from China • Free texting to China • No roaming charges

• Connect to your friends and family upon arrival • China Travel Plans available (talk, text and data included)


iTalkBB Chinese TV

The No. 1 choice to watch live Chinese TV shows overseas
Offering you the Latest 2018 TV Programs on demand

Popular live channels

Latest film with HD quality

Unlimited TV shows for free

Copyrighted TV programs


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If you bring a friend to iTalkBB, you will receive a credit that will waive one of your monthly bills.


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